Three Things Thursday

  1. I am heading into the writing cave momentarily and do not intend to emerge again until some time this evening. Send snacks.
  2. I have some of the best beta readers in the land. Related: so  much work today and tomorrow morning. Send coffee.
  3. My schedule is going to be changing again soonish. I may have to rediscover things like “going to bed at a decent hour” and “getting up wicked early in the morning” and “not wearing pajamas until noon”* and “regularly speaking to humans who aren’t the beer guy.” Send champagne. (hashtag vagueblogging)

This is me for the next 30 hours. Gonna be hard to type in the straitjacket, but I’ll make it work.


*I almost never wear pajamas until noon. I’m usually dressed by 8 am because I am not a slacker. (And because 3 days/week I take Alvie to preschool and I never wear pajamas to do that.)

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