Three Things Thursday: Final Edits Edition

My brain is a pile of mush. MUSH. Please enjoy what may or may not be complete sentences below.

  1. I’m about half-way through final edits on my book. The proofreader gets it Monday. ARCs go out Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m hoping to publish the e-book on 2/21, but I’ll have a better idea if that’s possible by this time next week. There will be paperback, too, maybe a week later? I don’t even know.
  2. This round of editing is going faster than the last, but I’m beginning to doubt everything I know about punctuation. This can be summed up by yesterday’s tweet: “I don’t even know how to punctuation anymore. Words are too wrong. What is story? Who are commas? Send help.”
  3. I am scared,  you guys. Even though my PSM has reassured me that it’s not the worst thing she’s ever read, I’m a little afraid she’s just being nice. And that everyone who’s ever said anything complimentary about my writing is also lying (sorry, giving #altfacts). This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but no more procrastinating. I turn 40 this month, and there’s no reason to delay any longer. It’s time to go big or go home. (Or, more accurately, go big while at home…)

I’m going to have a cover reveal the week after next…I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to see more of this!

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