On the right track…

You may remember (but probably not, unless you are a truly dedicated gazelle fan) that in September I stopped using my fitbit (for the first time in almost three years) and stopped obsessively tracking my steps and exercise and all that stuff in an effort to be a leetle less OCD with my spreadsheet usage and a little more relaxed.

I went fitbit-less for a month. And lo! I was more relaxed about it! I didn’t pace the bedroom at night going for my step goals. I didn’t spend 30+ minutes every day updating my fitness spreadsheets and recalculating what I would need to hit my (often arbitrary) goals.

This trackingless lifestyle change went hand in hand with two things:

  1. A change in medication that is fairly notorious for messing with eating habits and weight; something that’s not going to change anytime soon
  2. A hyooooge uptick in life stress, something that’s also not going to change in the immediate future.

I’ve no idea how much I moved between 9/1/15 and now. I do know that’s when I stopped running and never really restarted (other than a few runs here and there). I didn’t swim once Sept-Nov. I never got on the bike. I didn’t yoga. I basically became sedentary.

I don’t know how much of the sendentary correlates with the lack o’ tracker and how much correlates with stress+drugs because I don’t have an Amy control group. (I should clone myself and see! BRILLIANT IDEA, 3AM insomniac Amy!)

I kinda want to start tracking again, but don’t want a wrist tracker because I bought myself a sweet wristwatch and I’m never taking that off (except to bathe and swim and sleep). I liked my fitbit’s sleep tracking and didn’t care about the HR tracking. I would prefer something I could wear to swim and that doesn’t cost too much.

Also, I want a personal trainer, a personal chef, and a personal unicorn. As long as I’m making requests. Maybe a personal pool boy and a personal masseuse, too.

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