Red-Eyed Bruise Beast, at your service

So I am having some kind of weird allergic reaction to…the world, I guess. I always knew there was something wrong with the unwashed (m)asses.


It started Saturday. Every time I went outside my eyeballs started itching. Sunday morning, I looked terrible.

Some eyedrops later, I look partially human again, but every time I went outside, I’d swell right up again.

Monday morning I couldn’t open my eyes. That is awesome. By Monday afternoon, I could barely see. One of the bonuses of working in a hospital is that when I call for a same day appointment and they have an opening in 10 minutes, I can get there.


My eyes were redder

Turns out I has an allergy. The doc said that the ragweed is the worst this year and even people who typically do not suffer from seasonal allergies (like me) are suffering. I have claritin and medicated eye drops and now I look less like this:


And more like this:

slightly less hideous today

slightly less hideous today

(So, just tired and like I’d been punched in the face.)

That combined with an astonishing number of bruises on my body make me look…less than my optimal attractiveness. So, I apologize to anyone brave enough to beard the red-eyed bruise beast in her den later. I hope my horrible visage doesn’t permanently scar your retinas…

And Freya willing, I’ll have normal colored sclera tomorrow.


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