WHOA! My baby’s getting so big!

No, not that one.  The blog baby!

Gazelles on Crack is nine years old today. Sing it a song, give it some cake, and take a stroll through the archives.

Some of my most popular posts of the last nine years:

Anthropophobia (2006)

Faux-lebrity Encounters (2008)

Before & After (2008)

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Race Report (2009)

Arach Attack! (2010)

Shoesday – Fluevogs (2011)

The Birth Story (2012)

Cowboy Boots and Bow Ties (2013)

Accidental Cleavage (2014)

Crowd Sourcing for Parenting Advice (2015)

My posts have run the gamut from shoes to babies to writing to school to book reviews to running to weight loss.

I’ve gone from this:


to this:


to this:

March 2012, still a month before Alvie arrived

to this:



to this:

2/28 - four mile run, Leif Erickson trail, 11:30 avg pace.



I’ve moved from Los Angeles to Portland

Gotten married

Run a marathon

Had a baby

Recovered from PPAD

And made some fantastic new friends. (If you ask me nicely after a couple glasses of wine, I’ll even share the texts I’ve exchanged with my PSM about rope bondage. Did you know you could buy shibari ropes at Amazon? The More You Know.)

It’s been a great nine years, but I’m not done with you yet, internets.



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