Continuing the hot streak

I am, as previously noted, crazy. I am okay with that, because as long as there are still people crazier than me out there, I don’t seem too off-the-wall, right? (RIGHT???)

Anyhoosits, I may have mentioned my deep and abiding love of spreadsheets before. In case you’ve missed it, a recap: I love me some spreadsheets.

I have annual training calendars on which I track all my workouts and then a master spreadsheet where I track my annual stats. On the first day of each month, I go update the master list with the month’s workout stats.

I track the following:

  • Total hours worked out each month
  • Total miles run/number of runs/average miles per run
  • Average run pace
  • Total miles walked
  • Total miles biked/number of bikes/average miles per bike
  • Total yards swum/number of swims/average yards per swim
  • Average swim pace
  • Number of strength training sessions
  • Number of yoga training sessions
  • Number of days in which I was too lazy (does not count sick days) to even hit a mile on my step counter

the crazy is strong

Still with me?

I started my 70.3 training on 2/27/15, which means I just finished one month of training. I may have skipped a few workouts. I was feeling a bit bad about that. I have decent reasons for about 60% of the missed workouts.



Today, with a feeling of shame, I compiled my March stats into my insane-o spreadsheet. The surprising results made me decide to brag about it share my unwitting success.

March 2015

  • The most hours I’ve worked out in any given month since pre-pregnancy marathon training in July 2011.
  • The most number of runs I’ve done in any one month since I did C25K in June 2012 (and I had more miles last month than in 6/12).
  • The most miles I’ve biked in a single month since September 2009. In addition, in March 2015, I biked more than in 2012, more than in 2013, and almost as much as in all of 2014.
  • My average run pace for 2015 is the fastest it’s been since 2010 (by 2+ minutes).
  • My average swim pace for 2015 is the fastest it’s EVER been since I started tracking it in 2010.
  • My average bike speed has improved over 2 mph since the beginning of the month and I no longer want to cry and ice my personal laundry after I finish a 90 minute ride.
  • BONUS: Last night, I went to a beginner’s ballet class. I’ve wanted to take ballet for approximately 30 years. In fact, about 30 years ago, I used to check out books on ballet from the library and practice all the moves on the bannister in our house. I don’t have a tutu. Yet. I’ll post a picture next week anyway.

Verdict: I’m killing it, even with my missed workouts.

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2 responses to “Continuing the hot streak

  1. Outstanding numbers! Those are really fantastic! It seems hard to get it all in and we always feel guilty about missing something but if you stick with a plan and enjoy the moment you’re in then whatever you get done will be totally worth it. Stay strong!

    and just imagine what the training is like for a 140.6….