The More You Know – Braindump

Pssstt!  Hey you…yeah you. Did you know that it was Tuesday? Tuesday afternoon to be even more precise. In fact, for some of you, it’s probably Tuesday evening (or possibly Wednesday morning).

I’d meant to have a book review for you today. I have two brewing (oooh! Suspense!).

Coming up later this week (probably Wednesday AND Friday – if you’re good) are reviews of Margaret Atwood’s “Negotiations With the Dead” and my book club’s Feb Book o’ the Month “Girl on a Train.” Trust me when I tell you that you want to join this book club. DOOO EEEEET!  We are mainly active on our Facebook page but have a Goodreads presence as well. My PSM Cat is pretty much the head goddess of the bookclub. (I am first runner up goddess. These are titles I may or may not have just invented.) She makes up drinks for us to drink. It’s awesome.

Ummm….so you have that to look forward to!

awesome dean

I have things! I want to share with you, but I cannot, due to the universally acknowledged power of jinxing. Soon, my loyal readership (most of whom are here for (a) some kind of foot fetish shot, (b) hoping for accidental cleavage, or (c) hoping that I’ll use brobdingnagian in a sentence) I will tell you things that will excite approximately one of you! I KNOW! The excitement is pretty much non-stop around here.

My news makes me squee ALMOST as much as this picture does.

My news makes me squee ALMOST as much as this picture does.

Other pressing questions!

If you, a parent, were to receive a box containing the following items: (1) bloody animal heart, (2) picture of your child obviously taken by a crazy stalker, and (3) a knife through both of the aforementioned items, what would you do? If I told you that you were a character in a novel or movie, does that change your answer?

the gentlemen

And one last item! I mailed about 20 ridiculous business cards to people around the country today. If you, too, would like your very own mildly profane and highly ridiculous card, please let me know!  You can send your address to gazellesoncrack (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get back to you ASAPs. It’s pretty much the entirety of my 2015 marketing budget!  (I am willing to mail overseas as well, in case you were wondering, my two overseas readers. It would not take brobdingnagian effort.)


Happy Tuesday!

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