2014 in Review – the Books!

I promised a book review post weeks ago, and here it is!  Basically, for my series recommendations, just go read this, minus Kresley Cole + CE Murphy’s final (sob!) Walker Papers book.


Oooh – also add Ilona Andrew’s new series debut Burn for Me. I liked it. A lot.

I read 140 books in 2014 that I’d never logged as read in Goodreads before. I gave out 14 five star reviews. Those books, aka my favorite 10% NEW reads for the years are, in no particular order (the covers are links and I’ve noted which are series books):

2nd in a series

1st in a series

9th in a series

There is a sequel, but this is a good stand-alone

1st in a series. Also a movie. You probably knew that.

3rd (and last! sob!) in a series. READ IT! READ THEM ALL!

Why yes, it was the first time I’d read this all the way through. My first attempt, in high school, did not end well.

1st in a series (goes with the Dragonfly in Amber also listed)

stand alone and laugh out loud

My review: beautiful, heart-wrenching, occasionally very funny (in between the horrors of war bits), hopeful, depressing, and gorgeously crafted.

I don’t know how I never logged this before. It was not my first time through, but it’s showing up as a new read, so I’m counting it! Ha!

This was gorgeous. Although according to the reviews, it’s a love it or hate it type of book.

7th in a series. I think maybe my favorite so far. I love Kate. And Curran. Love.

And last, but most certainly not least:

Also 7th in a series, and also my favorite in the series so far. I not only love Atticus (and Oberon! LOVE Oberon!), I love Kevin Hearne, and Luke Daniels who narrates the Audiobooks. This is a series I own in three formats because it is THAT GOOD.


So there you have it – my best books of 2014. Only 20% (roughly) of my new books read were not fantasy, paranormal, or romance. I can definitely do better in 2015. Overall, though, not a bad year.

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