Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Things I will accomplish this week, so help me Taco Pope.

  1. A decent number of workouts
  2. A cleaning out of the closet. Everything that does not fit and/or has not been worn in the past year must go! Also, most high heels must go. *sob*
  3. The results of said cleaning out must go out of the house.
  4. I will replace that damn kitchen light fixture that has been broken for eleventy years so that I can see when I do dishes after sunset.
  5. I will read some books
  6. I will only do the bare minimum amount of work/email checking that is necessary to meet some external deadlines.
  7. I will have a good time
  8. I will make significant headway on the editing of the mss
The MSS that is about 40K words too many

The MSS that is about 40K words too many