June 2014 Goals

Let’s see how May went, shall we? (For having so many days, it sure went by quickly. I don’t even understand how it’s over already.)

May 2014 Goals

  1. Get to Rivendell! – SUCCESS! I spent the night with elves on May 9.
  2. Strength Training five times (1 down!) – 80% SUCCESS! I went four times – go me! That is four more times than in April!
  3. Have a good (read go to it and finish) race on 5/10 – FAIL! I did not go to the race. I did do a solo 10K that day, though, and finished with my 2nd fastest post-baby time ever.
  4. 25K new words – booo! only 47% success. It was my lamest writing month in ages.
  5. Plant some stuff in the garden – fail. completely. I really should do that, though.
  6. Keep on keeping on with #100happydays SUCCESS! I had happy pics every day.
  7. Run more than 50 miles – FAIL! And embarassingly so. Today is the first day of my official 18 week marathon training, so I should probably try to step it up.
  8. Take Alvie Bean to the Zoo – SUCCESS! Kind of. I took him Sunday, which was officially June, but still! It has to count, right?
  9. Figure out a schedule that allows me to accomplish near-daily workouts, writing, and daily going to work for 9 hours. I am a morning person, and I get up and write most mornings at about 5 am, but then when I’ve planned my post-work workouts, I don’t do them because I’m lazy and tired. Right now, I am supposed to be running, but I am not. – YEAH, NO. I barely slept in May, which meant I didn’t get up to write, and then I didn’t much work out. I really need to do better.
  10. Get the architect a kick-ass and as-yet undetermined birthday gift. – SUCCESS! Kind of. I am returning half of  his gift, but I think he was happy. Ish.

June 2014 Goals

  1. Make it to Hollin Ridge (my next milestone on my walk to Mordor).
  2. Hit the gym 5 times.
  3. 35,000 new words.
  4. Plant the garden by June 9.
  5. Get through #100happydays days 62-91
  6. Run 50 miles (someday, I swear, this will happen)
  7. Take the Bean swimming
  8. Hire a new employee so that I have no more vacancies in my department
  9. Weekly word posts
  10. Walk 100 miles (I was so close in May, that I think this is a reasonable goal).


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