Five Things Friday

  1. The architect had an interview this morning. Fingers crossed that they hire him! An employed architect is a happy architect.
  2. However, a house-husband architect is responsible for some pretty great meals this week. We’ve been eating well.
  3. My brain is nearly broken. Work has been hard lately, yo. Hopefully good things will come of it. When I get too busy, I have trouble focusing on the things I need to get done, and spiral into a black hole of panic and procrastination.
  4. I have been lazylately. I haven’t been working out during the week and I haven’t been getting up to write. Instead, I’ve been staying up to read all the books.
  5. Speaking of all the books, my online book group (#ranreadrummed) has a drink of the month, and lo! It was amazing. I made it last night. Mine wasn’t as pretty as the original, but it sure was good.
    The Dark & Stormy

    The Dark & Stormy