Why, Hello! (February 2014 Goals)

I totally disappeared, didn’t I? Busy, busy at work, plus a sick Bean, plus a sick me, plus a sick Bean (again) does not equal a lot of free time. I can’t believe it’s February 5th already!

Let’s see how I did in January:

January 2014 Goals

  1. Double December’s running mileage – I did not hit this goal. BUT, I ran more in January than I did in December and I did one 10.14 mile run, which was the longest run since July 2011, so yay! SUCCESS!
  2. Regular yoga – Yeah, not so much. Only one yoga session. I’ll have to try harder.
  3. Floss daily (part of my 2014 annual good habit goals) – SUCCESS!
  4. Write 25K words on the new project – ALMOST! I wrote 20,071, which is a 80% success rate. Not too shabby.
  5. Send out two query letters – Oops. Totally forgot.
  6. Get to Bree for a night at the Prancing Pony – Not quite. The sickenings + business at work got in the way. However, I walked/ran over 100 miles in January, and while that wasn’t quite enough to get me to Bree, it was pretty darn close (also the highest total mileage I’ve had in ages!)
  7. Get the oil changed in my car – unmitigated SUCCESS!
  8. Read 11 books (9 to go!) Hmmm…I read 18 books, but only 8 of them were new reads. Not sure if that counts as a success or not, but it definitely counts as winning.
  9. Engage in my two online courses I’m taking – Yeah, no. I did my entire MS degree online and engaged for all of that, but I cannot with these other courses. Oh well.
  10. Water myself regularly (goal: 48 oz/day) – So close! I averaged 30 oz/day (62% success), and on the days that I actually drank water, it was even higher (38 oz/day). Days in the office: 45 oz/day average. It’s my consumption at home that’s making this less winny.

So – what do I hope to do this month?

February 2014 Goals

  1. Run 50+ miles
  2. Write 25K+ words (this will be a slog, as today was the first day this month that I’ve written)
  3. Wash face each  night before bed (part of the good habits)
  4. 40+ oz/day of water AT HOME.
  5. Surpass 200 miles on my trip to Mordor.
  6. Do something brave (like trying a new class or talking to a stranger)
  7. Have a fantastic birthday weekend.
  8. Institute Sunday Funday with the Bean. (Those are the architect’s long ride days as he gears up for his fourth Reach the Beach century ride, so the Bean and I will have longer and longer periods to ourselves.)
  9. Buy a bottle of whiskey.
  10. Keep my action item folder down below 30 items at the end of each day.

There it is. So happy to be at work today instead of home with a sick Bean. (Today, he’s home with the architect. He’s fever free, but still feeling funky.)

"I take temchur. Mo' medsin."

“I take temchur. Mo’ medsin.”

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