October 2013 Goals

This wasn’t my most successful month ever, but I’m feeling so good it hardly matters, right?

September 2013 Goals

  1. Enjoy my Fridays! They are all vacation days this month as I wait for Alvie Bean to start full-time care on 10/1. – SUCCESS! Alvie and I had a delightful time this month, and hopefully dropping him at his new school this morning will be painless.
  2. Soul-searching. Something happened recently that took me totally off guard, and I want to figure out what went wrong. This is intentionally vague. – SUCCESS! I actually feel better than I’ve felt in ages, and decided that a lot of things happen for a reason.
  3. Continue my journey as an ex-member of the clean plate club. – SUCCESS! I have continued to lose weight at a rate of about 2 lbs/week and am crediting my new found portion control instincts as well as my mostly gluten-free diet (thanks Alvie).
  4. Lights off at 10 PM on work nights. – FAIL! This is something I need to work on a lot.
  5. Lights (figuratively) on at 5 AM on week days. – Surprisingly, based on the above, this is also a FAIL!
  6. Learn to let go. – ehhhh – IN PROGRESS! This is hard for me, but I’m doing better.
  7. Finish the mini-project I’ve been working on and send it off. – FAIL! But this will be done.
  8. Find a person to hire for my vacant position. – SUCCESS! I am very pleased with the selection, too.
  9. Look at my life priorities. Before taking on anything new, ask myself how it fits in. – ehhhh – IN PROGRESS! I am asking, but not always making decisions based on the answer.


October 2013 Goals

  1. Lights off at 10 PM on work nights.
  2. Lights (figuratively) on at 5 AM on week days.
  3. Finish the mini-project I’ve been working on and send it off.
  4. Have a delightful time in Seattle! Yay!
  5. Go to all of my tennis lessons and have fun.
  6. Get the financial transfer from Bank A to Bank B 100% done and all auto-pays updated. (Ooooh….fun!)
  7. Get my new employee up-to-speed and settled in
  8. Finish the Bean’s Halloween Costume
  9. Figure out an awesome way to celebrate my anniversary.
  10. Surpass the total number of hours worked out in 2010 (2012 was surpassed in June & 2011 was surpassed in September; I only need 24.24 hours of exercise to beat 2010!)

Standing Goal: Enjoy the snot out of this little guy:

2013-09-27 15.43.31

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