Three Things Thursday

I don’t even remember the last time I did a Three Things Thursday. Ages.

So – three things.

1. I am thinking of getting a new sign to hang in my house, after being inspired on my daily walk by a construction site.

workplace accidents

2. Work is stressing me out, lately. I feel like I’m running behind and generally need to lock myself in a room with no internet and not be let out until I finish my to-do list.

3. I am off work today & tomorrow. I feel like it’s the last days of summer vacation before my baby starts school! The reality is he’s starting at a new daycare; one that will allow him to go 5 days a week. I’m going to miss our Fridays together, but it will be much easier to get things done if I don’t have to listen for the sounds of (a) running water; (b) flushing toilets; (c) angry cats; and (d) silence.

The Very (Grown-Up) Picture of Innocence

The Very (Grown-Up) Picture of Innocence

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