September 2013 Goals

But first – the recap…

August 2013 Goals

  1. Have fun & learn lots in DC – SUCCESS! In as much as it could be.
  2. Camping Trip! – FAIL! We did hike last weekend, though.
  3. Yard Sale! (Although I am not selling my actual yard…) – SUCCESS! I had a yard sale. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, though. Also, it turns out I hate having yard sales. never again.
  4. Exercise! Play! – SUCCESS! I exercised and played with the Bean quite a bit.
  5. Leave work every day feeling good about what I’ve accomplished. – half SUCCESS! Most days were pretty good.
  6. Lights off at 10 PM on school nights. – Big ol’ FAIL on this one…I must do better in September.
  7. SLOOOOOOOOW down whilst eating and work on my clean-plate-itis – SUCCESS! And it’s showing.
  8. Try something new. – SUCCESS! I met new people, hiked with a Bean on my back, had a yard sale, and tried to sign up for tennis lessons.


September 2013 Goals

  1. Enjoy my Fridays! They are all vacation days this month as I wait for Alvie Bean to start full-time care on 10/1.
  2. Soul-searching. Something happened recently that took me totally off guard, and I want to figure out what went wrong. This is intentionally vague.
  3. Continue my journey as an ex-member of the clean plate club.
  4. Lights off at 10 PM on work nights.
  5. Lights (figuratively) on at 5 AM on week days.
  6. Learn to let go.
  7. Finish the mini-project I’ve been working on and send it off.
  8. Find a person to hire for my vacant position.
  9. Look at my life priorities. Before taking on anything new, ask myself how it fits in.

The end!

Happy Autumn month, everyone!

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