Braggadocious Gazella: Fatum Editio

(I feel that, like the titular character in Life of Brian, a real life Roman [or a real-life Brian] will come and make me repent of my poor bastardized Latin [which is not even entirely Latin] by making me write out a correct phrase 100 times in the courtyard.)

This morning, I swam 2100 yards. That brought my June total to 11,200. That’s probably not a lot for regular swimmers and IM trainers, but that is a Gazelle World Record for monthly yardage. Also, that brought my 2013 total to 23,200 (yeah, almost 50% of this years yardage was in June), which is more than I swam in all of 2009 or 2011.

Also cool? I am only slightly more than 1 hour away from beating my 2012 workout hours total, and only 40 hours away from passing 2011. (I’m sure every single one of you keeps detailed logs of your workouts that date back over five years, right?) If I keep up my fairly lackadaisical workout schedule, I will even pass 2010’s workouts in early October.

The only thing that isn’t cool about the workout hours is that in 2010, I had foot surgery & didn’t workout for 8 weeks, so my totals from that year are crap. In 2011, I started slowly (foot surgery!) and then ended even more slowly (pregnancy!), so my totals from that year are crappier. And, in 2012 I was pregnant, then I had a baby, and then I was sad, so my totals from that year are crappiest. BUT – that means there’s nowhere to go but up, so I am being positive! I will also have my highest running mileage month this year in June! And, if I bike on Thursday like I promised the Ambitious One, the highest bike totals. Overall, I am a workout goddess.

I just wanted to share.

Also, because I know that 98% of you are just waiting for the baby picture, here it is:

2013-06-23 10.02.57
Cutest little backpacker ever



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  • John Flynn
    June 28, 2013 - 7:37 am ·

    Outstanding! A new Gazelle World Record for distance swimming? Those are really hard to come by. And you can line up the discounts any way you want, beating past years performances is still just increasing the awesome quotient. Rock on girl.

    and yes I have been using the same spreadsheet since 2009 to log every single workout and race. you are not alone, data nerd.