May 21, 2013

When disasters happen, I used to be able to sit back, grieve, feel a great deal of empathy for the victims and their families. And then move on with my day, thankful that it wasn’t me & mine who were killed/hurt/injured/homeless. Now, I can’t do that unless there are no children affected. When I read…

May 8, 2013

Dear Mr. Bean, Today you are thirteen months old! It’s hard to believes that time didn’t just stop when you turned one. You have had such a mixed bag of a month! We started out with more and more birthday presents showing up every day!   Other things were much less fun. We had the…

May 7, 2013

Bob & I go back – way back, and I wouldn’t want him to be disappointed in me. So today, this gazelle is gonna get spayed. (The doctor says I can’t call it that if I’m talking about humans, but I just think he has no sense of adventure.) I am going under the knife…

May 1, 2013

I totally fell down on the job for my April Goals, but let’s pretend that these were my goals: Get promoted. SUCCESS! Finalize and submit the division budget. SUCCESS! (Also the reason that blogging was sparse in April, I was busy working hard.) Have a birthday party for the Bean. SUCCESS! Run five trail miles….