Nine Months with Alvie Bean

Dear Mr. Bean –

I know I’m a little late this month. Would you believe that I was waiting to write this until after your 9 month appointment so I could include some vital stats in your letter? No? Well, I guess you know me pretty well. 🙂

This was such a busy month. You keep learning and developing at such an awesome rate. You are so curious, which is great and a little exhausting!


You mastered crawling the first week of January. You started pulling to standing easily right after your 8 month update, and started cruising around all the furniture shortly after that.


You had your first haircut, and it turned you from a baby into a little boy.

All grown up.

We had your first Christmas, and you cleaned up! You were generally more interested in eating the wrapping paper than in your actual gifts, but there were a few hits.


You are gaining teeth at a remarkable rate. You had one (almost) at 8 months, and now you have four (more or less) with lots of white ridges visible in your mouth.

My least favorite toy!

Walking & button pushing – two of your favorite things.

You love food. LOVE. You will try anything, and you like everything. You prefer to eat the same foods that mama and daddy eat – and are especially fond of broccoli, bread, cheese, and avocado.

Continuing the proud train-loving tradition

You are still fascinated by the kitties, and really, really want to play with them. They want nothing to do with you, generally. Probably because you are a hair puller and like to chew on their tails, no matter how many times I tell you that we do not gnaw on our kitties.

Please may I pet you?

You say mama and dada all the time now, and are beginning (we think) to figure out which word goes with which person. When you are tired, you want nothing more than to be held, and you’ll find me, raise your arms up, and say mama. Melts my heart every time.

Crawling. Like a boss.

You had your 9 month appointment Friday, and were 20 lbs 10 oz – right there in the 50th %ile for weight. You were 27.75″, which is closer to 35th %ile for height. Your head, however – the 19″ circumference head – that’s more like 95th %ile.

Check out the big brains on Alvie!

I weigh what?

You are delightful. So cheery all the time! It’s amazing and I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that you are such a fantastic kid.

Ridonkulously Happy

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next month!

I love you, Mr. Bean.



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