Bumpday – 39 weeks

Hey everyone. Thank you for all the kind comments and emails. I really appreciate the support.  This is such a surreal time in the life of a pregnant person – and everything happened so very fast. I found out about my dad’s brain tumors that led to the glioblastoma multiforme diagnosis on January 9 – when I was 28 weeks pregnant. My dad died on March 19 when I was 38 weeks pregnant. 10 weeks – such a very short period of time.

My mom was with him when he took his last breaths, and in the end it was very peaceful. I am so grateful for all the people that were able to be with her to help and support her during those 10 weeks when I was unable to be there. It is so difficult to think that I will never see him again – I was always a daddy’s girl – and it still seems so unreal.

At the same time, I am pregnant! And having a baby so very soon, and it’s exciting. I cannot wait to meet my little guy. (Seriously – please come out now.) And it’s just weird being so sad and so excited all at the same time.

My mom flew in to Portland on Sunday last, and will be here until 4/16 (i.e. the day that I would be 42 weeks pregnant). I’m pretty sure that she is in favor of me having this baby immediately (actually today is her preferred day, and she’s been saying since I announced my pregnancy that 3/28 was the day I would give birth) so that she can maximize grand-baby time, as I’m pretty sure I am infinitely less interesting at this point than a new baby!

I do not think that today’s the day, but I wouldn’t mind being wrong!


BUT – let’s try to move on from the sad and embrace the happy, shall we?

I am officially 39 weeks & 2 days pregnant. I can now say things like, “I am due Monday” without there being any confusion about which Monday.

Baby size: Alvie is the size of a wintermelon! He likely measures between 18.9 to 20.9 inches and weighs between 6.2 to 9.2 pounds.

Licensed by Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Okay – he’s probably not that big, but it sure feels like it at this point!

I’m feeling:

Physical changes: So many stretch marks in the last couple of weeks, and my belly button is pretty much non-existent. I feel like my legs might completely fall out of my hip sockets.

Baby stuff: Alvie Bean is very nearly 100% done. He can come out now.  My 39 week email said he’s probably able to flex his limbs now – and I think he’s taking full advantage of that!

Body Image: Mostly okay.

Food stuff: I am alternately a ravenous beast and not really that hungry at all. I am still really into juice, which is a weird thing for me.

Things I miss: Running, biking, exercise. Sleeping on my stomach. Rolling over without pain. Tying my shoes. Belts. Pants. Not being pregnant.

Labor Signs: So much false labor – so much. I will find out tomorrow if things are progressing, and if they’re not, I might just give up.

Prep Work (Things to do between now & Alvie Bean Day)

Everything I’d planned is done. I do need to submit my insurance paperwork to get reimbursed for my breast pump & get my midwife to sign my FMLA paperwork tomorrow, but everything is ready to go! The pack and play is set up & has been weight tested by the cats.This is where Alvie will sleep for the first few months.

My mom has also passed inspection:


The architect and I celebrated our last evening as the only humans in the house Saturday night with a night on the town. I got all gussied up, we went out for dinner & drinks (mmmm…strawberry lemonade), and then came home & watched a movie for about 15 minutes until I fell asleep. I am pretty exciting right now!



I will try to have a fairly regular blogging schedule until Alvie is born, but no guarantees at this point. I will, however, Tweet when I have a baby (I will probably NOT live tweet the birth), so if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that way – or you can check out the Twitter app in my sidebar, too.


Wish me luck!

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