Weekend in Review! (now with photos!)
Weekend in Review! (now with photos!)

Weekend in Review! (now with photos!)

I feel that I had a pretty productive weekend. Friday, I left the house! And had lunch with a friend! And went to New Seasons. And then, had to rest for the remainder of the day.

Saturday was yoga, then visiting with a neighbor, then cake making!

I love to make cakes, and make very good tasting cakes. I just don’t necessarily make pretty cakes. Part of the problem was, I think, that my baking powder was at the end of its useful life, so I got poorly risen, lopsided cakes. Because they were just for me, I didn’t bother leveling them, but it did result in less pretty than hoped-for cakes. Also, I have not yet mastered the art of the dripping glaze down the sides in an artful & beautiful manner.

BUT – the cake is delicious.


Sunday was another busy day (well, new pregnant-Amy busy, not old Amy does lots and lots of stuff all the time-busy).

I made banana bread – two loaves; one to freeze and one to eat now.


I cleaned the kitchen. I helped the architect do some garden stuff. As I was doing the garden stuff, I made a discovery! The tulips are starting to poke up:



I am hoping that this week is infinitely less stressful than the last couple. I am hoping to get some swimming time in Monday, Wednesday & Friday this week. I am having an ultrasound this afternoon, so new baby pics for the bumpday update this week! (Because I know you’re dying to see grainy b&w pics of my fetus.) Actually – lots of baby stuff this week: u/s today, waterbirth class tomorrow, daycare tour on Thursday, and childbirth classes on Saturday & Sunday.

Sometime in there, I’ll need to do some school work, but I’m so close to being done! YAY!

Happy Monday, y’all!


    1. No decisions have been made yet, hence the class. I think laboring in the tub will be nice, but am not yet sure about delivery. We’ll see what happens when the time comes! (I am trying to be flexible about my birth plan, which does not suit my personality very well.)

    1. I do not, which I’m ashamed to admit a bit (so many cake-related things I need!). When frosting a cake, it usually does turn out very pretty, even w/o an offset spatula, but my drippy glaze frosting did not drip v. well. I think if I’d leveled my cakes, that would’ve been infinitely more attractive, since I wouldn’t have lopsided surfaces + gaps between layers that are super visible when not frosting the entire cake.

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