Shoesday! Spring 2012

I feel all springy right now. There are tulips popping up out of the ground. I saw violets blooming yesterday. My cherry tree is budding. I know it’s only February 7 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA! YOU ARE SO OLD!) (Sara is 17 days older than me, and therefore extremely elderly.) but I feel SPRING-LIKE!

Anyways – thoughts of spring, in addition to making me think of gardens & such things, make me think of strappy sandals and other spring shoes. So – let’s see what spring footwear has in store for us this year, shall we?

It looks like ankle boots, lots and neutrals, platforms, neutral metallics, snakeskin types, and shoes designed by people on acid.  Let’s take a look, shall we? (These are all from Piper Lime’s spring preview.)

The Good:

Vera Wang Lavender Selima

These are so sparkly! I love sparkles! To me, they’re not very springy, except for the open toe bit, but I am a sucker for sparkles, so they made the list.



Kate Spade Zacara

I had no idea that I needed a cobalt blue pair of shoes until I saw these. Now I know that I will not truly be complete without blue shoes. Oh kate, why must you hurt me this way.



Luxury Rebel Georgia

Love the platform. Love the color. Love the sturdier heel. Beautimous.


BCBGeneration Theo

I am not typically a fan of the neutral shoe, but something about these win me over. Is it the heel? Probably.

Report Marks

I know a lot of people are against the ankle boot, but as a large-calved woman, I love them, and I love these.


The Bad:

Steve Madden Pannache

So, I actually love the way these look. I hate the way they spelled the shoe – pannache? Really? Why two n’s? That 2nd “n” moved them to the bad category.


Elizabeth and James Clair

I debated about the location of these – bad or ugly. Are they correctly categorized?


DV by Dolce Vita Jamison

Wow – that is bright. If it wasn’t for the color, I might like, but the color definitely is not the suede I’m looking for.


Loeffler Randall Edith

I originally had these in ugly, but they grew on me. I’m not sure I want my feet to look like a snake, but if I did, this might be the snake I’d choose.


The Ugly:

Theodora & Calllum Mustique

I don’t even have words. Actually, that’s not true. I have a blanket that looks a lot like these, and although I love the blanket, I never looked at it and wished it was footwear.


Boutique 9 Linya2

The blue ankle cuff is what sends these from merely bad (the wedge heel coupled w/ the flat sole = wicked uncomfortable looking) to ugly.



Do you agree or disagree with my sorting?

What are your current shoe desires?

What’s your favorite part about spring?


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