Weekend in Review

The weekend seemed like it went really fast. Friday was a really full day. I worked in the AM, had a yogathon meeting immediately after work, happy hour plans at 4:30, and dinner plans at 7.

I am not sure I can actually do four things a day anymore, even if I did take a 1-hour pregnancy pity party break b/w yogathon meeting & HH. I ended up flaking on my dinner plans, which was a fantastic decision for me (I was so exhausted that I could barely move by the time I got home), and a sad decision (I was really looking forward to seeing my dinner companions). I think I was in bed by 8 that night.

Saturday & Sunday, the architect and I spent most of our days at birth prep classes. Long days. Good information. The most uncomfortable chairs in the history of the universe. I was in bed last night by 8 again, although Saturday night, I think I made it until 9.

Since the classes were at the hospital where I work, I kind of feel like I’ve been to work every day for the last 17 years. This is going to be a long week, too. Doula appt tonight, midwife appt tomorrow night at 7:30 pm (happy valentine’s day!), busy work days. ALTHOUGH this is my last official week of school. My capstone is done, I just need to SAY I’m done. Officially. I’m going to read it one more time today, and then release it into the wild.

Fortunately, it’s a long weekend, and a short week next week (I am only working Tuesday & Wednesday next week, and have two 4-day weekends in a row! Woo!).

Photos from the weekend:



I love these early spring signs, even though I know that spring is a ways off yet; and that’s why February is 150% better than January; we get the spring tease! (Also, we get my birthday, in 11 days, in case you were counting.)

Happy week!

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