Shoesday – Spring Fashions (flats & wedges)

Because not everyone wants platforms & high heels, today I am featuring some more practical spring fashions. However, there seems to be a big movement towards the ankle cuff, which I hate, because if you have any kind of actual ankle, that can really send you over the line to cankle-town. (Just like how people with really short necks look neckless in turtlenecks.) (I mean really – this shoe does not need an ankle cuff! WHY????) Another thing I hate – the flats right now are REALLY flat. Like a piece of thin cardboard flat. That just looks uncomfortable. So – I eliminated all shoes I hate from this. I do admit to a bit of bias, in that I do find flats to be exponentially less cute than anything with a heel, but tried to find a good compromise between cute and practical for y’all. I am a giver.


First up – not flat, I know. BUT flatter? Chunkier heel? Reminiscent of those old Dr. Scholls shoes that I had as a child, but all grown up (and likely 150% quieter).

Born Crown Martine


This is a pretty wedge that is shiny (yay!) and has that nice, woven wedge heel. I think these would be great work/beach/happy hour on the patio shoes.  (Also – Cole Haan Air = comfy!)

Cole Haan Air Camila Open Toe Wedge



These are almost too flat, but the eensy heel saves them. Very blingy. I wouldn’t wear to work (too much exposure), but would love to sip mimosas and have a lovely sunshiney brunch in these. (Bonus – SPARKLES!)

Pierre Dumas Leslie-12


Wedge = check. Shiny = check. Peeptoe = check. Red = check. What’s not to love about these?

Franco Sarto Vaya



I know not everyone likes a cork heel (I LOVE a cork heel), and these are really high, but I really like them. I am tempted to put these on my baby registry, although I think they are even more expensive than the fancy jogging stroller I’m coveting.

Stuart Weitzman Minx



I’m torn on these. I ALMOST like them. But am not sure about the coppery heel/sole. I almost think they’d be better if that whole section were to be removed. Thoughts?

Frye Carlie Huarache



I think these are likely much shinier & much pinker than they look here, but if they were a reddish matte shoe, I’d be all over them. I even like the twee little bow.

Naturalizer Nieva



Almost flat! (I am trying so hard!) These are a nice casual shoe that really says early spring outing to me. (What? Shoes don’t say anything to you? Weird.)

Sabine Drake



Thus ends our annual spring shoe series! Except for in two weeks when I get REALLY obsessed with shoes as I imagine a time when I am no longer waddling and pretend that carrying a baby will not in any way make me not want to wear 4 inch platform wedges.

Happy shoesday!

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