The anti-shoesday, stream-of-consciousness update

Because my feet hate shoes right now. I am finally starting to have a little swelling in the feet & ankles. Just a wee bit. Enough that shoes that were formerly comfortable are now a bit uncomfortable. Not enough that I can’t wear said shoes, they’re just not quite as comfortable.

Other places I’m having swelling = my belly. I can no longer comfortably drive the architect’s truck, as getting in & maneuvering behind the steering wheel is waaaay too much work.

I’m actually not sure how much longer I’ll be able to drive my car. Apparently it’s important to both reach the pedals AND the steering wheel at the same time. I’ve already put the architect on notice that we may be doing a LOT more carpooling in the next few weeks.

And speaking of the architect – yesterday was his first day at his new architecting job. He designed things! And worked for many hours in a row. He said at first his brain was all, “hey! what are you doing?! This isn’t what we do!” But eventually his brain started to remember how to design on command again. He (the architect, not his brain) was in such a good mood last night. Yay!

I am only working two days this week, and am pleased. Next week I’m back to 4-day work weeks (I know! my life is so hard!) for the next 5-6 weeks (my last day, even if Alvie hasn’t made an appearance, is 4/5/12), but I am going to try to work from home at least one day/week for each of those weeks, just to take it easy on myself a bit.

I keep checking my school email account, for some reason expecting there to be school stuff to look at. Yeah – not so much. Because I’m done with school. All that’s left at this point is getting confirmation that I passed my terminal project (and if I don’t, I will be VERY surprised) and then my August graduation. However, I cannot stop looking! I did find out that my final GPA is likely a 3.94. DAMN YOU Data Management & Communication in the Fall of 2009!

GAH – so many thoughts. So few connections.

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