Birthday Weekend Retrospective

How did I do with my birthday 35 things? Let’s take a look:

  1. Eat pancakes for breakfast
  2. Delicious dinner
  3. Cake!
  4. Yoga
  5. Take a nap
  6. Walk (possibly 35 minutes!)
  7. Put on pants (this will be a harder one)
  8. Watch a few episodes of Vampire Diaries
  9. Play a little Dragon Age
  10. Take a nap
  11. Read some trashy vampire novels
  12. Cuddle with the cats
  13. Hang out with the architect
  14. Do some laundry
  15. Take a nap
  16. Make cupcakes
  17. Install the carseat
  18. Make a pillow fort
  19. Watch the Academy Awards (this may or may not happen)
  20. Take a nap
  21. Recline on the couch
  22. Drive out to the gorge for nature looking & lunch
  23. Another yoga session
  24. Sniff some gin longingly
  25. Take a nap
  26. Sip a Double Mountain IRA
  27. Listen to 35 of the 69 love songs
  28. Soak up some vitamin D
  29. Grilled Cheese Food Cart!
  30. Take a nap
  31. Purchase the bathroom accessories so the bathroom can finally be finished!
  32. Hydrate!
  33. Have some ice cream (perhaps in Blizzard form!)
  34. Have fun, stay relaxed, and be happy
  35. Take a nap

Surprisingly, there was no cake this weekend. I didn’t feel like making myself any cake, and no other cakes appeared to me. However, I know I get a cupcake on Wednesday, so it’s okay! I feel pretty good about my weekend. It was very relaxing, and it was nice doing very little. We didn’t get the careseat installed, but we did get the crib put together & the changing table mounted to the wall. I’m not really into decorating or anything, so I’m not making Alvie’s room some kind of wonderful nursery showcase. It’ll be a nursery/guest room for the next few years, and he’s a tiny baby & most likely doesn’t care what I do to the walls. When he gets old enough to have an opinion, hopefully we’ll be in a house where he can have his own room & we can decorate it however he wants. But for now, it’s staying espresso, sage & red. It’s also staying a little cramped.

The only pictures I took this weekend show off items 12 and 22. I got the cutest baby robe (it’s a shark! and it says “let the fin begin”), and since I don’t yet have a baby, I got Darwin to model it for me. He was THRILLED! I was going to try to get his arms (front legs?) in the arm-holes, but that was further than he was willing to let it go. I wish I had a docile cat like Jen’s (scroll down to the last picture – trust me, it’s worth it)!

Lola & Darwin watching Vampire Diaries with me


the drive home from Hood River


Darwin-shark! (doesn't he look excited?)


Happy week!

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