Weekend in Review – Boring!

Friday – I worked from 8 am – 6 pm. Then the architect & I went out for dinner. Then, I went to bed. We are party animals!

Saturday – I went to yoga (yay!) and then to Babies R Us. We are now the proud owners of a carseat for Alvie Bean. The architect is convinced that Alive will be early, and wants to be prepared.

Saturday afternoon, I did a bit of yard work – a lot of pruning & prep work for the spring – and tried to decompress a bit. I got really sick Saturday night – nauseated and dizzy and cold sweats and blergh. I slept on the sofa (with a bucket near by!) and it was the best sleep I’ve had in a while. Apparently sleeping on my back propped up into a semi-reclined position with a cat on my ankles is the most comfortable ever!

Sunday – pancakes and coffee in the AM. School in the PM.  Today will be work from 7 – 7, I think. This damn project I’m working on needs to be done by mid-day Tuesday, and oh, it will be. Oh, yes.

I am tired, and still a bit pukey feeling. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly exhaustion & stress.

I will try to stay abreast of the posting this week, but no promises!

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