I am here with some shoe-like cheer today! Next week, we’ll have a preview of new spring styles that I love but will not buy, due to upcoming baby (he’s not even born and already he’s ruining everything! ha!)

But today, in honor of our snowpocalypse – picture to follow – I’m doing cute winter boots for people who actually really get snow.

All four of today’s featured boots are, in theory, great for snowy & wet winter weather. This first one doesn’t SAY it’s waterproof, but it sure looks like it could be:

Stuart Weitzman Snowflake


These are cute and just exude an aura of warmness – I think it’s the furry top (which also kind of exudes an aura of muppet….)

ANYWAYS – WARM! And shiny!

Sporto Roxy


This third one give me hope that I could actually wear it. It’s short, which means less having to work around my ginormous calves of power. Also – RED! It probably wouldn’t work for places that measure snow in feet rather than fractions of an inch, but it would be just fine for our annual snowpocalypse that we have here in Portland!

Sperry Top-Sider Shearwater


Cute AND utilitarian, right?


This last pair left me a little…confused. It says they’re waterproof. And yet – they’re suede, which I tend to not wear in places where waterproof is important. They are pretty – I’m just not sure what to do with the waterproof suede boot. Maybe just buy them and then spend some quality time caressing them and whispering sweet nothings to them in my shoe closet. (I don’t really have an entire closet devoted to shoes – I just like to pretend.)

La Canadienne Caleb



And – just so you have a sense of what we’re dealing with here in Portland, I took a picture of the snowpocalypse in my front yard this morning. Prepare to be amazed at our resilience!

It is much snowier at work, but I work several hundred feet higher in the air. (Like on a cloud! Or a sky castle! Or on a hill…whatever.)


Final question – was I the only one who had to wear plastic grocery bags inside their snow boots to keep their feet dry in the winter? Was it because bootsmanship was shoddy in the 80s, or because we couldn’t afford waterproof boots?

Happy shoesday, y’all!

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