Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. Today is the last day of my 8-week Leadership Foundations course I’ve been doing through work. It has been a pretty fantastic experience, actually, and I’m pleased that I had the opportunity to attend these all-day Thursday courses. I am a little sad that starting next week, I’ll have to get up at the normal time on Thursdays again instead of sleeping an extra 30 minutes! Boo!  (I am excited, though, that I’ll be able to get actual work done on Thursdays and will no longer have to check in on Fridays to see what I’ve missed.)  Since it’s the last day, our entire cohort has been broken into groups & we each have to give a presentation to all of our managers this afternoon. In honor of that, I thought maybe I would dress a little more nicely today. (Also, I am wearing awesome shoes. Yay!)


2. I handed in the final assignment (really just a capstone checkpoint, as I won’t actually finish until mid-February) last night. That means nothing new due until next year! I plan on spending the next couple of days lolling about indolently (and exercising, and hanging out with friends) before spending the rest of my break deep reading and finding at least 10  more valid references. LEISURE TIME! (Relatively speaking, of course.)

3. Tonight, I am having Brussels sprouts for dinner. I am very excited about this. My question, however, is what do I serve with said Brussels sprouts. When planning this week’s menus, I was having a vegetable craving, so my menu looks like: (a) roasted carrots, (b) salad, (c) something with butternut squash, (d) Brussels sprouts…..and no main dishes. So far, we’ve been able to come up with stuff fairly well: (a) quinoa with carmelized onions & roasted tomatoes, (b) pizza, (c) pasta with sage & brown butter sauce….but I’m stuck on tonight.  Ideas?


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