Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. I am one week away from finishing the first half of my Capstone course. This does not necessarily mean I am one week away from being halfway done with my project….just that the time is ticking down. Overall, though, I feel that it’s in good shape, and since we have two weeks off for the holidays, I am planning on doing a LOT of reading and revising. Overall, though, I am 8 (official) weeks away from finishing my Master’s. EEP!

(this is not MY regalia)


2. Last night, it was discovered that there was only enough coffee left for one person to have coffee this morning. I am sitting here, typing out my three things, and drinking coffee.  How wonderful is the architect? (Answer: pretty damn wonderful.) Apparently a cranky pregnant wife is not something he wants to deal with…


3. The other night I was on the bike trainer, and due to the sheer uncomfortableness that is my growing belly, I can only stay on for about 15 minutes at a time. So I ride for 15 minutes, get off and do some upper body strength training, rinse, repeat. I had just gotten off the bike for my second set of weights and had picked up a 10 lb weight. I heard a weird noise from the kitchen, and as I looked over, I saw the xmas decoration box go flying in one direction, and before I knew what had happened, felt impact in my wrist, then the bike pedals started spinning, and then a blur ran up the stairs. It was our youngest, Lola. She’d been sitting on the box, something startled her, and she took off like a bat cat out of hell. She hit her head on my dumbbell, and since I was holding it very loosely, it spun around and hit me in the wrist (and I have the swelling & bruising to prove it), then ran into the bike on the trainer (specifically the pedals) before getting out of the obstacle course that is the living room and heading upstairs. If it hadn’t been so painful, it would’ve been hilarious. (We checked Lola out, too, and she seemed normal the same as usual.) Crazy cats!

She looks so calm in this photo


Happy almost weekend!


The first two photos were found on Flickr by searching for pics available under the Creative Commons license.

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