Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. I don’t know how I ever got through my life thus far without having seen an episode of Torchwood. Seriously. I love Brit TV. I love time traveling sci-fi. I used to watch Dr. Who (back in the old days, I actually haven’t seen any of the newer stuff, but trust that it’s in my queue). I originally added Torchwood to my Netflix queue a few years ago when James Marsters was on a couple of episodes, but then never watched it. HUGE MISTAKE. However, I have decided that my “I’ll just watch one episode before starting on my homework” is not a good plan, and instead it needs to be one episode after I finish my homework. So much love.


2. Besides working and homeworking and occasional working out (that’s a lot of work for one pregnant lady), my other obsession has been food. I haven’t daydreamed this much about food since September 2009 (i.e. the last month before my first marathon). I am going through eggs like I have my own personal chicken (I don’t) and have developed a renewed love for the lunchtime salad. In fact, I am so obsessed with food, that when the architect and I were talking about taking a last little mini trip before baby, I picked LA. Admittedly, one reason was so that I could get some serious vitamin D time in February (after a winter without much daylight here), but the real reason? Mexican food. (And shh….don’t tell anyone…but I think we’re going to go to Medieval Times, too.) I miss Mexican food so much.


3. Monday I got home from work and there was a package on my front steps. I was pretty excited! I love surprise packages (and it was a decent sized one, too….heh). I picked it up & saw the return address, and then I was even more excited. It was from her, and I know she’s going through a baking frenzy right now. I was right to be excited, because when I opened it up, this is what I saw:

Yay! Festive Cookie Tin!

Hmmmm…..I wonder what’s inside?

M'fashnik, like mmmm....cookies

This tin actually originally held a lot more of these delicious chocolate stout brownies, but they…disappeared? No idea what happened. (Thanks Cat!)


Gratitude Journal

November 17, 2011: I am grateful for coffee. I know it seems like I mentioned it yesterday, but yesterday I only said I was grateful for the coffee maker (in a list of other things). But I really wanted to draw attention to coffee as deserving of its own special day. Coffee is the best beverage ever invented. I don’t understand how I got through so many years never drinking it and thinking it really wasn’t that great. Mmmmmm……coffee.

November 16, 2011: I am grateful for all the little luxuries I have that I often take for granted…my car, my phone, the coffee maker (so very grateful for my coffee maker). It’s so easy to caught up in the things I don’t have that I occasionally forget how very lucky I am. My life is so freaking awesome.

November 15, 2011: I am grateful that I have the kind of job/life/etc. that allows me to afford pretty shoes, and the level-headedness that keeps me from buying (very many) shoes that wouldn’t be practical.

November 14, 2011: I am grateful that I work in a place with lots of little food nooks. It’s always an easy walk to grab more food. Which I do more often than ever, lately.

November 13, 2011: I am grateful for streaming Netflix (and Hulu Plus!). Also, I am grateful for John Barrowman. And my new found love of Torchwood.

November 12, 2011: I am grateful for my awesome friends! I got so much good quality friend-time this weekend! Walks & cocoa & thrifting with her! Ornament painting and dinner and movies with Alisa, Jen, Lisa & Sarah! Cocoa and a chat with her! (I should maybe also mention that I’m grateful for hot cocoa.)

November 11, 2011: I am grateful for laid back evenings at home with the architect.

November 10, 2011: I am grateful to live in Portland, Oregon. It is so beautiful here. I love that we have four seasons, and I especially love autumn.

November 9, 2011: I am grateful for modern medical conveniences that help eliminate unnecessary surprises from my life. Yay for ultrasounds!

November 8, 2011: I am grateful for my brand-new employee who started today, who I am hoping will help take some of the financial reporting burden off my plate & allow me to do a better job on the more big-picture things.

November 7, 2011: I am grateful for weekends and the opportunity to relax and recharge.

November 6, 2011: I am grateful for running – and grateful that I am still able to run. I am also grateful for my proximity to the most awesome running park in the history of the world: Forest Park.

November 5, 2011:I am grateful that I was able to discover enough courage to join Toastmasters. I know this sounds super cheesy, but it’s really made a HUGE difference in my life.

November 4, 2011: I am grateful for the internet, which gives me the ability to work from home, in my pajamas, this morning.

November 3, 2011: I am grateful that I have a good job that is challenging & interesting, if not necessarily catering to my life interests.

November 2, 2011: I am grateful for the architect, who is simply wonderful. He picks up the household slack when I’m busy with schoolwork, brings me chicken fingers on his way home from work, and is simply the most wonderful husband I could ask for…

November 1, 2011:  I am grateful for my (so far, knock on wood) easy and wonderful pregnancy.

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