Three (3!) Things Thursday
Three (3!) Things Thursday

Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. This has been such a beautiful week; cool, alternating between sun and clouds, crisp fall smells. I love autumn.


2. Tomorrow is my last day of my last class for grad school. Last. I mean, I still have my final project, but this is my last class. CRAZY!


3. I am having a lot of trouble motivating myself to exercise. Lots. Some of it is definitely pregnancy-related fatigue. Most of it is a combination of shorter days + sheer laziness + my all or nothing mentality. If I can’t exercise an hour+/day for 6 days/week, what’s the point? Also, since I’m getting fat anyways, why bother, right? (And yes, I know I’m not getting fat, I’m growing a human. And yes, I know I shouldn’t care, but you can take your shoulds and *mumble something really c/rude mumble*.) If I’m not dripping in sweat, it’s not worth it, right? WRONG! I just need to remind myself that a 30-45 minute walk, or easy bike, or easy swim, or 3 mile jog is better than nothing.  How do I convince myself of this? Any motivational tips? Anyone want to volunteer to yell at me every day I don’t exercise? (I need a drill sergeant.)


  1. 1. I also LOVE fall 🙂
    2. Congrats on your LAST CLASS! That’s huge!
    3. Every body does pregnancy differently. I did it wrong. You can learn from my mistakes (if you want to 🙂 ) Try not to focus on “how much” or “not enough” – try to just make a concerted effort to be active as much as you can, every day if you can. Walking, hiking, jogging if you can – all good things. It’ll serve you well as you recover from childbirth more than you can imagine. I certainly wish I did better for my first pregnancy (where I ate everything in sight and sat like a lump on the couch because I WAS ENTITLED TO! Oh, how I regret that). ok, ass-vice over. I guess I just wish I had someone to kick mine back then 🙂

    1. Totally not ass-vice – I did ask for help, after all! I went for a walk last night with a friend, and it was really great. I totally felt better just for having moved. I’m totally going to try to keep that motivation up. Tonight: more moving!

  2. I so feel the same way about exercise. I want to be dripping in sweat and exhausted or what’s the point? But recently I’ve been walking and I’m starting to really love it, especially at this time of year.

    And? That photo is amazing.

  3. Emily

    This is your chance to change it all up (before you’re REALLY forced to change everything up). Try walking, why not? There are great places to walk here. It doesn’t have to be a sweat fest and can be hugely beneficial. I’ll walk with you!

  4. I can totally be your drill sergeant. I have to force myself to exercise, too, but after my random weight gain assplosion, I’m almost afraid not to…though I’m guessing part of the gain is water retention since I started lifting (light) weights again…or maybe I’m just making excuses for myself. Let’s face it: growing another human makes you fat. Why not be honest, here?

    Also – yay for your last class!!! Are you going to try and knock out your project before baby or….no? That’s a herculean task in and of itself.

    1. My final project will be done by mid February (actually, right around your due date!).

      Are you running? I really need to pick up some weights, but I hates them, even thought I know how awesome they are.

      1. I had to stop running due to serious pain…but I walk outside and do the elliptical, tread climber and bike at the gym. My “weight lifting” is bodypump, muscle conditioning and a barre tone class…

        I’m trying to be good with the weights so I don’t end up preggo quasi moto…

        Yay, mid-February! Two awesome things going on!

        1. I don’t have a gym membership, due to my inability to go to the gym, even when paying 5 million dollars for it. I’m much more of an outdoor person. I need to just develop a 15-20 minute routine I can do at home w/ my weights. I’m just lazy.

          February is pretty awesome! It’s also my birthday! YAY!

          1. Ok….totally random but…February is my birthday, too! I’m a groundhog… 🙂

            Do you have DirecTV? There are lots of recordable exercise videos, like yoga etc that I do sometimes…and if not, pushups? 😉

  5. No motivational tips. Except for maybe picture what you’ll look like huge AND fat. You can probably control the latter a little.

    Make your freinds workout with you. Nobody can turn down a pregnant friend!

  6. I have no pregnancy tips, but I stay motivated to exercise because I know it keeps me feeling better in the long run and it doesn’t have to be an hour of strenuous exercise for that.

    My baby brother came along when I was 20 years old. I remember my mom still kept up with her daily walking and she didn’t gain any weight except for the pregnant belly.

    My sister, on the other hand, who is normally slim, put on quite a bit of weight during her pregnancies and ended up with gestational diabetes. One of the things she was supposed to do to keep that in check was to walk for 20 minutes after each meal.

    I would say: don’t necessarily worry about weight but there are health benefits from moderate exercise. Just focus on feeling good and bouncing back more quickly after the little one is born.

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