Three (3!) Things Thursday

1. This has been such a beautiful week; cool, alternating between sun and clouds, crisp fall smells. I love autumn.


2. Tomorrow is my last day of my last class for grad school. Last. I mean, I still have my final project, but this is my last class. CRAZY!


3. I am having a lot of trouble motivating myself to exercise. Lots. Some of it is definitely pregnancy-related fatigue. Most of it is a combination of shorter days + sheer laziness + my all or nothing mentality. If I can’t exercise an hour+/day for 6 days/week, what’s the point? Also, since I’m getting fat anyways, why bother, right? (And yes, I know I’m not getting fat, I’m growing a human. And yes, I know I shouldn’t care, but you can take your shoulds and *mumble something really c/rude mumble*.) If I’m not dripping in sweat, it’s not worth it, right? WRONG! I just need to remind myself that a 30-45 minute walk, or easy bike, or easy swim, or 3 mile jog is better than nothing.  How do I convince myself of this? Any motivational tips? Anyone want to volunteer to yell at me every day I don’t exercise? (I need a drill sergeant.)

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