Three (3!) Things Thursday!
Three (3!) Things Thursday!

Three (3!) Things Thursday!

1. Have I told you how much I love fall? Because I do. I love the cool overnights, and the changing leaves, and the peeks of sunlight, and the fog. I need to get a picture of the view I have every morning on my drive to work, but unfortunately, it’s hard to take good photos while I’m driving.  However, I stole this photo from the internet, and it’s pretty damn close (except that I am typically driving OVER the bridge and not floating around underneath it).


2. I also love soup. All soups. And this time of year, when it’s time to curl up under blankets and sip cocoa and cider, I want to have soup every day. However, I hate soup from a can, and am too lazy to make soup from scratch every day. I need to find some excellent recipes that can be canned so that I can make pints and pints of soup. Doesn’t this look amazing?

3. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my Damian-ectomy. To celebrate, I wore a pair of high heeled boots for the first time in way over a year. For an entire day. And there was walking! And I didn’t want to amputate at the end of the day.


  1. Emily

    I make the broth, freeze it, then heat, add in some easy veggies that soften quickly and then use my immersion blender to make it soup-ish. I do everything the in the easiest possible manner, so I can’t imagine it being any easier. If you have some advice for me I’m all ears!

  2. Eliza

    My uncle always canned Brunswick stew. I assume any meat or not and veggie stew would can well.

    I freeze soup in individual-size containers and grab that for lunch. I should probably venture into canning, though, since I have so much more cabinet space than freezer space…

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