Shoesday of a different kind

Now that I have the results of the last poll, I’m ready to buy my brown shoes. Those might be the last shoes I buy myself for quite awhile. It seems that I may need to switch my focus a bit. So, in no particular order – here are some of the shoes I’m thinking about buy in the next few months:

Umi Cassia Mary Jane


adidas Campus 2 - Disney Pluto Sneaker


PUMA Soleil Cat Nubuck


adidas Gazelle - pretty much the best shoe name ever, amiright?


Converse Chuck Taylor Crib Sneaker


(Thanks for the big reveal inspiration, friends!)

To answer the questions that I have gotten so far:

  1. Yes, I’m serious
  2. No, I am not a fucking liar
  3. April 2
  4. Yes, I can prove it, but don’t you think that’s a weird request?
  5. Yes, it was on purpose
  6. We don’t know yet, but we’re going to find out the first week of November

So – for everyone I didn’t get to ahead of time, I’m sorry you’re finding out this way! You are still super important to me! Also, although this is probably not the last time that I will feature tiny shoes on the blog (because they are seriously that cute), that will not be a regular occurrence.

Happy Shoesday!


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