Three (3) Things Thursday

1. I am working from home today. I have a gigantic to-do list, but I am confident it will all get done. Why? Because when I work at home, people who send me emails cannot come into my office 2 minutes later to (a) confirm that I got the email and then (b)talk about said email until I fantasize about stabbing their eyeballs out with my pen.

Full disclosure: I found a photo of a snake being stabbed with a ballpoint pen, and almost used that, but then decided the hints of animal cruelty (the note insisted the snake had been found dead….)+ the fact that it was a snake might be too disturbing. You’re welcome.


2. Starting next week, I am a bona fide manager type person. I will have 2.75 people reporting to me! (Actually, I will have four people, but two of them are not full time). I will have to delegate to them! And chastise them (hopefully  not too much of this). And conduct annual reviews. AND, one of my direct reports will (hopefully sooner rather than later) have two direct reports of her own, which means I will also have indirect reports. This is so effing fancy. I hope I don’t suck. (I don’t think I will.)

I'm watching you!


3. Non work related third thing: OMG, people! I started this hours ago, and apparently couldn’t think of anything non-work related (that, or I was actually too busy, I don’t know, WORKING!). So – thing #3…this weekend is one of my college BFF’s wedding shower/bachelorette party. It makes me sad that I can’t be there, although I will be at the wedding in August! (yay!) I wish I had all the moneys so that I could just afford to jet off to South Dakota for the weekend. (Although if I had all the moneys, I would very seldom use that money to go to South Dakota….just sayin’…)

Yep, lots of it really is this empty. It's more of a desolate beauty.

* all photos were found by searching my 3 things key words for Creative Commons licensed photos at Flickr


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