Nothing to see! Move it along….

Ha! Just kidding. Please don’t go (girl).

There were no shoes yesterday, because I am in a shoe funk. Over the weekend, I packaged up two of the four pairs of shoes that I’d recently purchased. They are going back. *sob*

Yesterday morning, on my way to work, another pair broke! NEW SHOES BROKEN! So sad.



The left shoe heel strap stitching just ripped. Fortunately, I had backup shoes with me (the fourth and only surviving shoe of my four shoe ordering spree).

I am so sad! I need to go shoe shopping! (In person, apparently.) I also need to sell eleventy-million pairs of shoes on eBay.


Today, I have no new book reviews for you, because I have finished no new books since last week. I know, right????  Crazy. So – I am going to go read like a crazy person and hopefully I will have some new book reports for you next week. I have to be almost done with the 1st Game of Thrones book, right? (I bought it for my Nook, and it was cheaper to get the four-book boxed [relatively speaking] set. Unfortunately, they do not download in separate books, but rather as one big file. Which means that I know I’m on page 284. BUT, there are 3,483 pages total in the boxed set, so I’ve no idea what that means in terms of finishing book one. Does it mean that each book is 870 pages? That seems like a lot. My tiny boxed set picture doesn’t make them look that fat, and wouldn’t the camera add a few pages?

ANYWAYS…garden news! So many tomatoes and peppers and tomatillos! And green beans. Tomorrow we will eat our first broccoli. There are tons of potatoes. The corn is looking awesome & should start tasseling soon. The grape is super grapey! There is a zucchini and a few baby cukes. And beets – oh there are beets! And they will be pickled on Saturday afternoon. (LOVE beet pickles.)

ANYWAYS, I promise a return to content eventually. Shoes! Books! Corn!

Naturalizer Mystic - the only shoes left...


The Nook is getting quite a workout


Not actual corn from this year...just a representation.


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