Three (3!) Things Thursday

So – I am all confused this week. FOR REAL!  I thought yesterday was Tuesday (hence my Shoesday post). I thought today was Wednesday (hence my near posting of a book review and not going to yoga this morning). Only when I heard the garbage trucks this morning did I realize that I was off an entire day. DAMN YOU MONDAY HOLIDAY!


So – three things, right?

1. Due to road construction near my place of employment, I will be working from home two days/week starting Monday.  I am both excited and nervous. But mostly excited. My work at home days are Mondays and Thursdays. I’m hoping that this makes it easier to get workouts in!


2. The architect and I are camping this weekend. I am so excited! Before we bought the house, we camped a LOT! We were always out wandering around in the woods. Now that we have a home, and a garden, and a bathroom to remodel, we hardly ever get out of town. (Also a factor: Before we had the house, we also lived in LA where the camping season was much, much longer.) I have no idea where we’re going, but I am excited for our first camping trip of 2011! Woo!

3. I am so tired all the time lately. Apparently one late night messes me up for days! I must be getting old or something.

*all photos were found by searching my 3 things key words for Creative Commons licensed photos at Flickr.

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