Weekend Update – the pictureless edition!

I took zero pictures this weekend. None. Zip. Zilch. I am so ashamed.

There were so many things happening! Friday morning, I headed up to Vancouver to hit some estate and garage sales with Emily. I had so much fun at the first one, picking up a couple books, some old photos (I have a thing), a cutting board (or, as the architect said, “why’d you get a finger cutter?”), and some sewing patterns. I also picked up a garlic press at another sale, some wine glasses (I only buy cheap wine glasses, because they have a habit of getting broken), and a new Halloween decoration. The crowing glory of the entire morning was, after a long trip through rural East Vancouver (including driving by the place I was lost and afraid a few years ago), ending up at a garage sale (that was not HUGE as advertised) that had about 3 dozen pink Juicy velour tracksuits for sale in various sizes, ranging from girls to adult. Emily & I really, really wanted to get a couple, but on learning that they were $50 each, we decided maybe that wasn’t the best way to spend our money, regardless of how funny it would’ve been.

After leaving the Couv, I went home, ate, did a little homework and then headed to Overlook Park for the Organic Brewers festival. I had such a good time, and couldn’t even believe it when it was 5 hours later and time to meet the architect for dinner!

Saturday was a buy morning – so many errands! I went to REI to get new bike shoes, then Title 9 for sports bras, then the Farmer’s Market to pick up the CSA share that I split with Sarah, then my tailor for my hemmed pants, then the Home Brew store for beer ingredients, New Seasons for groceries, the dry cleaners to pick up my skirts, and finally (FINALLY!) home so I could do some homework.

Sunday morning, I went for an early, long run, and then once I was home, I made cheddar and smoked my bacon. I was also going to stuff my hotdogs and smoke them, as well, but was unable to find my casings. My giant sausage stuffer will never be used!  (Actually, I ordered new casings yesterday, so they should be arriving Wednesday so that I can make the hotdogs in advance of my 4th of July bbq. I should maybe tone down the despair a bit.)

Finally, the cheese and bacon and dishes done, the architect & I headed to Leisure for dinner and beers, in what is quickly becoming a new Sunday evening wind-down tradition for us.

This morning, getting up was so hard. I am exhausted!  I can’t believe the day is half over already!

I hope you’re having a great Monday!

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