Shoesday! All about me!

I am going to get rid of 95% of my shoes.

This pains me a great deal. Unfortunately, wearing them also pains me a great deal. My feet have changed, and if I want to continue to run pain-free, I need to change with my feet, I guess. *sob*

I will be keeping a couple pairs of shoes of sheer awesomeness:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C - Oh wait, these are just a fantasy



I am replacing said shoes (and fantasies) with things like this:

Naturalizer Mystic

Simple, black, flat. Probably better than my current every day work flats. Hopefully comfortable. Not ugly.


And these:

Clarks Welfleet Tbar

Kinda cute. Wedges. Very cushy looking, right? Fun for summer. I hope.


And finally, these – the winner of the “Help me buy shoes” poll I did a couple of weeks ago:

Seychelles Cream of the Crop

I ordered everything in a 6.5, so I’m hoping that will make for happier feet!


In other news, when I went to Piper Lime today, they had FALL BOOTS as their headline.  That makes me want to cry a little. IT IS ONLY JUNE! (Apparently it also makes me a bit shouty. Sorry.)

Happy Shoesday, people!

5 responses to “Shoesday! All about me!

  1. I have also had an involuntary shoe reduction recently; I feel your pain. At least the new ones are still cute.

  2. So Fall boots means that all of their summer sandals are on sale, right?

  3. Your doing the right thing. There is life after shoes 😉

  4. Aww, I’m sad you’ll have to get rid of some of your cute shoes 🙁 I loooove heels (and my BF loves them too haha).

    I agree that June is wayyy to early to start thinking about fall boots! Heck, here in the PNW we’ve barely even had any summer weather.

  5. exhibit c made my feet tickle in the best way.