Shoesday! All about me!

I am going to get rid of 95% of my shoes.

This pains me a great deal. Unfortunately, wearing them also pains me a great deal. My feet have changed, and if I want to continue to run pain-free, I need to change with my feet, I guess. *sob*

I will be keeping a couple pairs of shoes of sheer awesomeness:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C - Oh wait, these are just a fantasy



I am replacing said shoes (and fantasies) with things like this:

Naturalizer Mystic

Simple, black, flat. Probably better than my current every day work flats. Hopefully comfortable. Not ugly.


And these:

Clarks Welfleet Tbar

Kinda cute. Wedges. Very cushy looking, right? Fun for summer. I hope.


And finally, these – the winner of the “Help me buy shoes” poll I did a couple of weeks ago:

Seychelles Cream of the Crop

I ordered everything in a 6.5, so I’m hoping that will make for happier feet!


In other news, when I went to Piper Lime today, they had FALL BOOTS as their headline.  That makes me want to cry a little. IT IS ONLY JUNE! (Apparently it also makes me a bit shouty. Sorry.)

Happy Shoesday, people!

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