Daily Archives: June 7, 2011

I see you looking for me…

Top searches lately – still with the toaster thing (oh, Weiner, why’d you tweet a pic of your congressional member?) and also V6 corn. Which, you know, I’m totally an expert on (something to do with the corn’s engine size, and perhaps corn-based ethanol). (Ha! Just kidding, it’s a stage in corn development when there are six corn leaves.) Also a lot of searches for busty gazelles, gazelles with weight loss, and shoes. SHOOOOOOOOES!)

Shoesday! More Summer Sandals!

I desperately need new shoes. I never thought I would actually say something like that, considering how many freaking pairs of shoes I already own (hint: not enough, really), but with the new foot size (6.5 now, for comfort) and new shoe requirements (apparently I can no longer wear super high heels all day, nor can I wear stilettos all day), I have no real flattish, cute-ish, summery sandals that are work appropriate.

So – today’s shoes are all things I personally want for myself. AND – you can vote at the end! Yay! Shopping where you don’t have to spend money! (Also, you don’t get anything but that glow of satisfaction that only comes from helping someone else buy shoes.)

Because these shoes are for me, I made sure that a) they all came in my size, b) they are all my style, c) I would feel comfortable wearing them to work, and d) I can afford them. So- less variety than usual. You may also notice that they aren’t necessarily flat. It’s not my fault! I tried, but I just love heels!

#1) Seychelles Cream of the Crop:

#2) BC Footwear Shipwreck:

#3) Unisa Ottilia

#4) BP Berty Sandal

#5) Kenneth Cole Reaction Cedar Plank

#6) AK Anne Klein Claw


So, peeps – thoughts? Opinions? Votes? More opinions that can be contained by a simple poll! Let me know (either by voting OR in the comments)!