Three Things Thursday

  1. I went for my first open water swim of the year yesterday with the Ambitious One. And you know what? It was fine! Not at all like last year’s disaster. I didn’t cry even once. (I did, however, once again get yelled at by fisher people.) I went in very slowly at the beginning, and except for a brief moment of panicky chest-tightening when my neck was immersed for the first time, I was A-OK. I swam 1.3 loops (exiting the lake in a different place to hopefully avoid the ire of the fisher people who rather loudly suggested that maybe they’d try to hit me on the next cast), and actually for real SWAM! I have a tri in three weeks, and I am thinking that 2 more OWS might be in order, but I know that I can absolutely do it! Yay!
  2. The crazy budget portion of my job is done (for a YEAR!) and if you go by all the approbations I received, I did a good job of stepping up to the plate and (competently) getting things done that needed doing. I actually am beginning to think that maybe I can do both of these jobs in my .9 time. The paycheck I received last Friday kind of helped me come to that conclusion as well. I still have secret plans for the future, but my countdown clock (which is set to my 35th birthday, which shortly after finishing my Master’s coursework) is now a fun countdown instead of a “countdown to when I will leave this job and not look back” kind of clock. I am feeling stressed a bit still, but confident that by July 1 (which is an arbitrary date I just picked out of a hat), I will know for reals what I’m doing, will have new routines down, and will be doing a good job.
  3. Saturday is Reach the Beach. The architect is reaching the beach by cycling. I am reaching the beach by driving to pick him up. After refueling him, we’re headed to McMinnville for the night…just a wee bit of relaxation that is greatly needed after a century ride (or a crazy month of work). You can donate to support the American Lung Association (and the architect).
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