Shoesday! Flat Summer Sandal Edition

Finally – I am here with the requested flat sandals.

I will fully admit to not featuring a lot of flats (surprise!) because (a) I am very short and like to appear taller and (b) I adore heels. Love. Covet. Desire.

BUT – I understand that there are many people out there who are not just over 5′ tall and do not necessarily always want 3″+ heels and that there are an equal number of people who just don’t like heels.

So – by request – I have flat(tish) summer sandals today.

I entered this exercise with the following assumptions/rules (I have been writing budget assumptions for the last couple of weeks, so you’ll have to forgive me)

  1. These summer sandals should be work appropriate
  2. Anything with the toe-thong is not work appropriate
  3. Anything that is basically a flip flop, no matter how many sequins it has, is not work appropriate
  4. Gladiators are hardly ever work appropriate (personal prejudice)
  5. They should not be too flat (that just looks uncomfortable)
  6. Cutout oxfords are never, ever appropriate for anything; even crocs have an appropriate place (the garden), but these definitely do not.

Yes, I have prejudices; and those prejudices are mostly about too little shoe (flip flops!), that little toe thong thing (flip flops!) and gladiator sandals (mostly; a few are cute).

So, without further ado – flat summer sandals you can wear to work (unless you work at a construction site or something, then keep your toes to yourself). (Also – get a pedicure before wearing open toes shoes, please.)

Rocket Dog Joy

These are great; shiny & with enough straps to pass at the office, but also great for a more casual afternoon happy hour, and could even dress up a pair of jeans or a cute skirt for a summer evening.


Enzo Angiolini Nessta

These have a bit more going on at the ankle than I generally like (due to my ginormous calves, I prefer to keep my delicate, lady-like ankles bare so as to avoid the dreaded cankle), but they are very pretty; the knot details with the metallic really make them versatile.


DV by Dolce Vita Dave

These are definitely more casual; but I love the summary color as well as the snakeskin like detailing. I wouldn’t wear these to work (and not just because they’re very pink), but I would wear them out & about (if they were a different color, natch, although I do hate the other color choices) during my summer day.


Clarks Poster Tulip

Don’t these look comfortable? Also, I do love the metallic (good thing that’s in this year) and the beaded details (ditto). I also love the neutral palette; these would go with anything.


Jimmy Choo 'Connor' Wedge Sandal

These are not really flat; nor are they really affordable, but I do really like them. I love the snakeskin detailing, I love the criss-cross straps, and I like the small wedge. If you have an extra $600 or so, I would totally recommend these for your dressier nights out this summer.


Softspots 'Ventura' Sandal

These are also not entirely flat, but they are a nice spring/summer sandal. They would be great with a sundress as you drink mimosas on the patio, right? The color is great and I really do like a cork heel. They also look all cushiony and comfortable. Something I’m more into in these post-surgery days.


Everybody 'Ormai' Sandal

I went back and forth on these. On the one hand, I love the color; on the other, they look a little “retirement home sipping drinks on the lanai in my orthopedics.” Thoughts?


And finally:

Seychelles 'Cream of the Crop' Sandal

Metallic? Check. Braided detail? Check. Absence of anything that might evoke a flipflop? Check. Affordable? CHECK!

I like these enough that I might buy them. Seriously. They are just that cute.


Thus ends another shoesday saga. Don’t forget to let me know if there’s something you’d like featured in the future!  And if you have a new pair of shoes that you’re desperate to show off to the internets, send me a pic, and you can be our shoesday foot model! (I know, right? How will you handle the paparazzi after that?)


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