I am just over 6 months out of my boot, almost 8 months post surgery, and 4.5 months pre-marathon.

So – “how are things with the foot,” you ask anxiously (I imagine).

I’m so glad you asked!

October 19, I was here:

ewwwww, right?

November 16, I was here:


Last Monday, I was here:

Tight bike shoes fit without pain!

(It’s been over a year since I could wear my bike shoes without pain.)

And then, last Wednesday and Thursday, I was here:

Yes – you are seeing right. I was able to wear my favorite pair of wedge sandals ALL DAY for two days in a row. That is awesome, right?

Even better?

Saturday, I was here:

Clevery Staged Photo - not in my office at ALL! ha!

The feet are feeling pretty good. Not super, but not too bad. I can wear a lot more shoes than I could even a month ago, and I have very little discomfort at the incision site anymore. Also, except for the weird not-broken toe thing a couple weeks ago, I’ve not had any issues. All the feeling has returned to the right foot, and my toenails have started growing again (although they are NASTY looking, since they hadn’t really grown for about 6 months…I’m almost ashamed to go in for a much needed pedicure.)

I ran 10 miles last week, and 7 a couple weeks prior.

The most noticeable difference now is that I can no longer wear size 6 shoes. *sob* Which means that my largish collection of size 6 stilettos is nearly useless. *double sob*

However, never let it be said that I’m not a silver-lining kind of girl – this means that I have to go buy a brand new collection of size 6.5 stilettos! Yay!

Happy shoesday, ya’ll!

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  • kristen
    May 25, 2011 - 7:38 am ·

    That’s really awesome about the 10 miler. Your very motivating for me right now as I’m finally amping up my training for a relay race in a couple of months. I trying to keep from making risky jumps in the training plan but some largish one (not as large as yours!) might be in order. So exciting.

    Congratulations to the Archetect!

    What is up with the fisher people giving you a hard time?! Congratulations to you for kicking off the season with your first open water of the year. That’s serious since I KNOW how freaking cold it still is.