Weekend in Review: Brewing & Bottling

A few weeks ago, the architect & I attended a beer-making class, and then took the plunge & made our own beer.

We decided to make an IPA (because we like IPA).

Although I didn’t get pictures of everything (I need to hire a photographer to follow me around & take photos of my life!), we got quite a few.

We finished up the bottling yesterday!


Untoasted malt – hanging out in the oven

All roasted & delicious smellingFinished & toasty malt!

Bag 'o grains

Big bag o’ grains (Crystal & Biscuit malt)

Heating the mashThe grains are steeping (like tea, only smellier!)

Hops! (These smelled so good!)

The Northern Brewer hops!

Bag o' hops

The hops are ready to get in the pot!

Adding the malt (this is going to be beer!)

The powdered malt was really sticky…and this doesn’t look at all like beer now, does it?

Irish Moss

The Irish moss & some cascade hops were added at the end.

At this point, we couldn’t take photos, due to the necessity of having both people involved this time, and the cats’ unwillingness to help us out.

We poured the hot liquidy stuff out of the pot (removing the hops) into the fermenter, cooled the wort, and then added water before adding our American ale yeast.  Then, we sealed it up tight.  And then we went out & drank some beer! When we got home, the fermenter was bubbling away!

Fast forward to a couple weeks later – bottling time!

First we mixed up some corn sugar with hot water (boiling, actually) to add to the bottling bucket (this creates the carbonation). Then, we washed & sanitized a bunch of bottles & our bottling equipment.

Siphoning from the fermenter to the bottling bucket

First, we had to siphon the beer from our fermenter to our bottling bucket (after once again obsessively sanitizing everything).

Still siphoning This was kind of awesome.


Then, it was time to bottle! The architect filled the bottles.


And I capped them. It was fun, although I would deny any rumours suggesting that I giggled a little in glee every time I capped a bottle!

And, in a few weeks....we'll have a LOT of IPA

And here they are! 23 bottles of beer (on the wall). All but 3 of the bottles were 22 oz bottles, so that is 542 oz of beer! WOO!

Ready to hang out in a dark cornerLola is inspecting the beer before it goes back to the beer celler (i.e. pantry) for its final aging.

We’ll probably pop one of the small bottles open in a couple weeks to see how it’s doing, but are planning on holding out at least 3-4 before getting all crazy. Don’t worry – there will be a report!

Original Gravity : 1.05

Final Gravity : 1.012

Alcohol by Volume : 5.1%

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