Shoesday! (All Fluevogs, all the time)
Shoesday! (All Fluevogs, all the time)

Shoesday! (All Fluevogs, all the time)

This shoe porn is in honor of two wonderful men. Brian & Fredo. Both awesome. Both witty. Both obsessed with Fluevogs.

Next week, we’ll be all about spring trends, but today, we’re all Fluevogs, all the time. (Also, if you wanted to get me a birthday present, had a couple hundred to spare, and were stumped – any of these would do. Size 6, please!)

Also, because the men are frequently left out in these posts, I am doing a sampling of men’s shoes, too! Woo!

Fluevog Idols Iggy

I don’t generally have a lot to say about men’s shoes. These are nice, though. Really sharp and professional looking. Not at all lounge lizardy or pimplike.

Fluevog Executors Rusnak

I think these are great. I love the blue, even though you wouldn’t see it ever. I like the detailed patterns.

Fluevog Imperials Marquis

These are great. Conservative & dressy, without being stuffy. Also, shiny! (I like shiny.)

Fluevog Bankers Warren Bowling Leather
These are so hot. If I thought the architect would wear them, I would buy them for him immediately. I might anyway, and then pay him to wear them for me. I love them so much; I almost wish I was a man. Almost. But then, I wouldn’t be able to wear any of these:

Fluevog Coffee Breva
These are so pretty! Sophisticated; great for the office.

Fluevog Operettas Malibran

Again, shiny! Also red. I have (apparently) moved on from my winter purple shoe obsession into a red shoe obsession. I am wearing red shoes as I type! I bought more red shoes last weekend! Yay for red shoes! Also, I love the thicker heel, the criss-cross straps & the threaded detail.

Fluevog Baroques Rubens

These are so pretty! The buckles! The black & red toes & heels. The pattern. (The red!) I would wear these every day. Almost. Because I would also need to have a special day for the next ones.

Fluevog Miracle Lourdes

On facebook yesterday, I declared these boots to be the new loves of my life. I cannot even tell you how much I want these. I don’t know where I would wear them, but I would. A lot. They are so soft with shiny buttons. Also, they are red. I need these. They would complete me.

Fluevog Miracles Cana
Then there are these. I love these as much (but in a different way) than the red boots. I would probably have more occasions to wear these (other than just wearing them around the house, not that I’ve ever done that with previous shoe loves of my life). I do like green, but do not currently own a single pair of green shoes! (GASP!)

So, shoe readers, thoughts? Love them? Hate them? Need my address to send me a pair?  Just bought a pair of shoes that you’re dying to show off to the internet? Let me know!


  1. I have been drooling over shoes on the Fluevog website lately as well – I specifically remember looking at the first two womens pairs you have there. Those banker boots are awesome too.

    I never get tired of looking at shoes!

  2. Eliza

    Oh, Amy, such temptation! I just spent like an hour of my workday thinking about Fluevogs and how I clearly need some. In the end, I opted not for the super fantastic heels (I know, what?!?) and ordered these super cute, super pink, super on sale loafers. I really love those Brevas, though, and would definitely go for those, too, if a couple hundred bucks fell out of the sky.

    1. I wish a few hundred bucks would fall out of the sky for all of us. I really need the Canas. A lot.

      however, if I helped contribute to the purchase of a pair of shoes, that does make me incredibly happy. I feel so validated right now.

  3. Yay! I’ve been immortalized on your blog!

    I really love my Fluevogs. I have six pair at the moment and need more. Two pair date from the nineties and I still rock them because they’re amazeballs. I’ll do a response post on my blog in just a moment. 😀

    1. They are just gorgeous. I am currently trying to justify (to myself) the purchase of a $280 pair of shoes. If I wore them 3x/month for a year, they’d only cost $7/wearing. That makes sense, right?

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  5. The Fluevog was my first real shoe lust and purchase. This was back in the late ’80s when all they were doing was super-pointy roach killers. I wore those shoes into shreds. I had no idea the shoes they were doing these days were so beautiful. Those boots are amazing!

  6. Kim

    I gasped so many times as I scrolled down this page I sound like I’m having a private moment. Like The Devil’s Starchy Fingers, I also had no idea their shoes had come this far. I want to put that second pair on my husband so badly. And those men’s boots, too. I don’t think I have a chance, but a girl can dream.

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