It’s time to take a look at the new spring styles. Definitely time. Spring. Time of light. And tweeting birdies!  And flowers and puppies and happiness.

This morning, there was an almost imperceptible hint of light in the eastern sky as I walked to my bus stop. And it made me want espadrilles.

Ha! Not really. It made me wish I’d worn a hat. It was cold this morning.

BUT – espadrilles are big (as per usual) this spring, according to Nordstroms. There are such a wide variety of espadrilles, that I can usually find, on the same page, shoes that make me whip out my wallet or say WTF!  Some of each for you….

Robert Clergerie 'Arco' Espadrille

I did include the link to these “Arco” espadrilles, on the off-chance that you’ve been dying to own a pair of “Exquisitely crafted platform sandal shaped from braided straw and secured with a hammered buckle at the ankle.” These are so ugly – I don’t even want to know who would actually pay $355 for these, unless it was a really wealthy person who was buying the world’s supply of these to hide them, as an act of charity. (Needless to say, perhaps, but I hate these.)

Burberry Espadrille Sandal

These are so pretty & springlike, and of course, who doesn’t like the Burberry pattern? (Lori – I’m looking at you!)

Also big this spring? Patterned cutouts. This trend has both some ugly and some awesome shoes. First, the ugly:

Boutique 9 'Jarn' Flat Boot

I’ll admit – I found these before the above monstrosities, and am finding myself less convinced that these are ugly now. I’m pretty sure once my retinas recovered from having those ‘Arco’ shoes seared onto them, these will be, once again, hideous.  Thoughts? I am crazy? Are these maybe cute after all?

And – the pretty damn cute cut-outs:

Franco Sarto Artist Collection 'Ago' Sandal

I think these are awesome. Cute & elegant & a good vehicle for the cut-outs. Also, I love Franco Sarto, mostly because I can usually afford him!  🙂

Other exciting spring trends? Ugly peep-toe booties.

Ash Jezebel

I have no words for this….

And finally, hey, wait a minute – this is not a new trend! I totally bought these shoes in 2009….way to rip of another brand, BANDOLINO!


2011 shoes:

Bandolino Niceshoes

2009 shoes (which I own! and love!):

Rampage Blair

And finally, the spring trend shoes I am most lusting after of the moment….

Franco Sarto 'Cannes' Espadrille

So pretty! And Red! And shiny! with a Bow!  (And on sale for $35 – damn you, yesterday’s pledge to not buy any shoes this month!)

What are you most looking forward to for spring?

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