The State of the Amy

So – I’m not going to do foot updates anymore. It has officially been 9 weeks since surgery, and three weeks since the boot came off. I’ll probably still mention things from time to time – it’s likely going to be another 4-5 months before the foot is back to normal, but it’s boring to talk about all the time (not for me, though – just boring for you! See – I am always thinking of you.)

So – what’s going on with me?

So  much, gentle readers, so much.

I am, once again, a giant ball of stress. My neck is pretty much sore all the time from the tension I’m holding. My job is ridiculous right now. I’m having trouble holding on to the joy that my countdown timer (see sidebar) usually brings me. BUT – I also don’t want to do anything rash. What I need is some contingency planning.

Also, I find myself over-extended, despite my best efforts.

I have, in order to fix this, canceled every non work or school related activity this week. I have my final project for my class due on Friday, and am not nearly as far along as I would like.

This weekend is CRAZY!  As soon as I finish my school project, I am hopping on a bus & heading to brew review. I don’t care if I get there two hours before everyone else, at this point! Saturday, I am holiday shopping in the morning, then holiday partying in the afternoon. Sunday, more holiday partying (naked santa party, woo!). Monday next, happy hour with school mates, Wednesday: quilt making; Thursday: another happy hour; Friday: the architect’s “Thanks for taking care of me” fancy dinner.”

I know I’ve frequently said I like to stay busy, but I think I should’ve maybe qualified that with a “I like to stay busy AT HOME! AT HOME!”

I am looking forward to each of these events, and don’t want to skip anything, but am not going to add anything new to the calendar between now & the end of the year (unless it’s AWESOME!).

There are some good things happening.

The architect & I took a lovely trip to Astoria over the weekend – our annual anniversary trip. I did some walking (about 1.7 miles on Saturday), and although I was sooooore in the foot by the end of the night, I feel pretty good about that.

Between last week’s swim, 10 minutes of yoga (that left me sore for 2 days), walk & 15 minutes on the trainer (5 minutes more than the last time), I exercised more last week than I did in all of November combined. Go, me!

Tonight, I am swimming, and am hoping to get in another swim on Wednesday – it’s the only exercise that, cardio-fitness aside – I actually feel normal doing. My other goal is to do at least 10 minutes of something each day this week. Both to improve the fitness level AND to try to keep the stress manageable.

I used to do weekly training goals, back when I was training for stuff, but this week, my goals are a little different.

Monday: Swim, then farewell sushi dinner with The Ambitious One (*sniff* she’s leaving me for another job, far, far away!)

Tuesday: 20 minutes on the trainer; complete section one of the big project

Wednesday: Swim; complete section two of the big project

Thursday: 20 minutes on the trainer; complete section three of the project

Friday: 20 minutes yoga; final touches to project; 20 more minutes of yoga; brew review

Saturday: SHOP! PARTY!

Sunday: 1.5 mile walk; naked santa!

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