Better? Worse? Both?

I am hoping that soon, my blog won’t be a whining spot, and will again be all about domestic baddassery, running and shoes. But until that happens, I am going to whine. Because I pay for this space, and I can.

Yesterday was a bit better. Got through the work day all right. Had happy hour drinks with three awesome ladies.

Last night was not better.

This pulled muscle in my calf is crazy! I can deal with it most of the time, but during the night, I can’t ignore it. So painful. Don’t know why it’s dealable during the day, though. It’s actually one of the most painful muscle strains I’ve had in a long time. Give me a turned ankle on a trail run any day.

BUT – today isn’t too bad. I’ve been all sorts of productive! I made bread (okay, I put ingredients in the bread maker & pushed start – but that’s more than I could do last week). I picked up all my books and carried them upstairs! I put all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket AND I finally got rid of my pile o’ shoes at the bottom of the stairs & got them all put away as well. And then, I was already on the ground, so I figured – why not? And did some crunches. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to up off the ground again, but turns out, I could! Yay!

Then – just to top off my day off, I put on clothes! Again! Because (shhh….) I have a date!

The only thing that I’m still having trouble with (besides the foot pain, and the toe numbness, and the calf strain, and the needing crutches, and….) is the attention span. It’s very ADD lately. I have trouble focusing on anything. I’ve read a crap-ton of books, but nothing with any weight. Or that is a book club book for MONDAY, or anything.

I’m planning on doing several more productive things this weekend. I am going to flip some cheeses. And read my book club book. I’m between classes this weekend (next one starts Monday), so I don’t have homework (although it is likely that I will obsessively check the grade boards).

I need to start the Spooktacular decorating. And get the giant pumpkins! And make the shopping list (and order the groceries to be delivered – no way am I hitting the market on crutches).

What about you? Do you have plans?

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