My questions – answered

Ummm…yeah. Today sucked. A lot. There will be some wine tonight. I’m just sayin’. (I hate dropped g’s – I really, really do.)

So – I did meet with my surgeon this morning and asked my questions.

  1. What kind of exercises can I do with my boot on to maintain a basic level of fitness? Upper body weights. That’s it.
  2. Will I be able to drive? No. Not until the boot comes off.
  3. How soon can I be fairly mobile? (I have a party to throw, after all). Three-ish days.
  4. How much pain can I reasonably expect? It’s not as painful as burn surgery. This was the least helpful answer of all.
  5. Can you shave a little off the calves as long as you’re down there?  There is this pair of killer boots (seriously – I think I could actually kill someone with those heels) that I would love to be able to fit into – far, far in the future, of course. I didn’t ask this one, because he scolded me for my practical flats that I was wearing. Apparently pretty shoes are going to become a sometimes thing. Like cookies.
  6. Can I borrow a wheel chair for the week following surgery? Otherwise, I might be hauled around town in a wheelbarrow (you may not want details).  Didn’t ask this one, either. Seemed inappropriate.
  7. Local or general? Also, who will be my anesthesiologist? Probably general; won’t know the anesthesiologist until Monday.
  8. Do you promise not to horribly maul my foot so that I can never wear shoes again? Yes.
  9. What kind of pain medication am I going to get? Percocet! And a local nerve block pump that’s good for three days (during which I cannot be unsupervised).
  10. What do you anticipate for a recovery timeline? Boot for six-eight weeks, then a slow start with walking.

So, yeah.  One week from today, I will have surgery. And it won’t be as painful as burn surgery and skin grafts, so there is that. And no more pointy-toed shoes. Ever. So – anyone out there with a size 6 foot want some cute pointy-toed shoes? Let me know. I have pictures.


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