Training Week in Review 6/7/10 – 6/13/10

So, last week I said my only goal was to hit seven hours of workout time for the week.

And, in response to that, I would like to say “ha ha ha ha ha ha”

So – I got 2.5 hours of exercise last week (this does not count painting for 2 hours, or weeding, or gardening, or pitchforking). I was LAZY! Also, busy with my last week of school. (Woo! Summer Break!)

So – the stats (this shouldn’t take long)

6/7 – nothing (CHEESE!)

6/8 – nothing (EMO!)

6/9 – swim; 2500 yards in 1:03:22 – my fastest long swim yet!

6/10 – swim; 1000 yards in 34 minutes – my slowest short swim in ages (although, in all fairness, I didn’t stop my watch when I stopped to chat w/ the Ambitious One as she was leaving the pool).

6/11 – yoga; 60 minutes of beginner Hatha; painting

6/12 – spectating Jen & my kick-ass neighbor at the Helvetia Half. My kick-ass neighbor got a 3-minute Half PR! Woo! then, there was some olympic level beer drinking. Go team!

6/13 – lounging; whinging; pitchforking; weeding


Running: 0 miles (first time in ages that I’ve had a 0 mile week. sob)

Biking: 0 miles (PATHETIC!)

Swimming: 3500 yards (not bad)

Yoga: 1 class, 60 minutes

Weights: nada

This weeks is week 1 of my 10 week metric century ride training program. I’ve had a good start so far, as I biked to work today, which generally means I am forced to bike home, as well.

I think that running is going to be put on hold until 2011. If I feel like I can, I’ll get out there, but I’m not going to make too many plans. 🙁 I am going to concentrate on biking, swimming & yoga. I also want to start doing some more strength training – I want my legs (and core) to be wicked strong by the time I have surgery, so that even with the atrophy that will come with less use while I’m in my boot, I won’t be completely weak when I can start working again.

So – for reals, I am going to try to get about 7 hours of exercise this week! Lots o’ biking, for sure.

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