School’s Out for Summer!

Or, more accurately, for a week.

I just typed a whole angsty, whiny post about how I’m all sad because I didn’t get as good of a grade as I’d hoped on my final assignment for my class (I worked so hard all week, and then the professor, in his otherwise fair & constructive critique, said it seemed like I’d just ‘phoned it in’), but then I realized that I still got an A in the class (although my program is on a 4.3 scale, and I was hoping for an A+ – because I am a dork) and being whiny about an A is kind of lame.

So – this week I am reading a lot of non-school books. And it is good.  I did briefly suggest to the architect last night that maybe I should read my Managerial Accounting text this week to get a jump on my next class (I’m pretty sure I need to bring my GPA up from that pesky 3.8, and want A+’s in the rest of my graded classes), but when he looked at me like I’d lost my mind, I decided that maybe I’d just stick to non-school for the week. Or until he’s not looking.

I have quite a list of suggestions that I’d gotten on Facebook that I’m making my way through. In no particular order, these are the library books I’m trying to get through this week (PS – required FTC disclosure, those links go through my Amazon Associates account, so if you click & buy, I get a nickel or something):

  1. Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, Book 1). This was seriously the worst vampire/supernatural fiction book I’ve ever read. And I read, enjoyed & purchased the Twilight series. And the Patricia Briggs “Mercedes Thompson series” (I even pre-ordered the 5th book). That is not to say that I didn’t put the rest of the series on hold at the library, but I wouldn’t pay money for these.
  2. Out Stealing Horses: A Novel. I just started this this morning, and it is so good! Sometimes reading a translation can be painful, but this is just delightful.
  3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I am not even sure how I feel about this, but considering how much I enjoyed Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, I’m guessing I’ll like it!
  4. I Was Told There’d Be Cake
  5. Downtown Owl: A Novel
  6. Serena: A Novel (P.S.)
  7. American Wife
  8. Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative. – this one is kind of school-related, and is probably just a browsing book.
  9. Believing Cassandra: How to be an Optimist in a Pessimist’s World
  10. The Complete Romances of Chrétien de Troyes
  11. Off Armageddon Reef.  this one frightens me. It was recommended by my brother-in-law, and the books he recommends always make my brain hurt. We think in very different ways, and I imagine this will be challenging. And possibly boring. 🙂

So – 11 books in one week. It would be doable if I were actually on summer break, and not working. When I was younger, the book mobile would come every three weeks (my town was too small for a library) and you could only check out 20 books at a time. It was such a travesty. I usually finished all 20 books in one weekend. I am so glad to live in a town with not just one library, but nearly 20 (not that I ever go to any but the one down the street – there’s just more to choose from).

What have you been reading recently?

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